Train Like a Lyon

Your ultimate strength, nutrition, & mindset program: a true holistic approach to your health

Train Like a Lyon

Your ultimate strength, nutrition, & mindset program: a true holistic approach to your health

Tailor-made programming that revolves around you

100% personalized workouts that are made with your goals, experience, & limitations in mind.

Macro-level programming to professionally curate your workouts & nutrition program for your long-term goals.

Micro-level attention to detail to continuously evolve your program for the highest effectiveness.

Nutrition planning & education that serves your goals while giving you flexibility & energy so that you can make dietary decisions confidently. (No meal plans!)

Mindset guidance around body image, the scale, food intake, confidence, & more through the use of tools such as meditation, journaling, visualization, & goal-setting.

Mindfulness tools that bring presence & awareness into your life so you can live with less stress & more vibrant energy.

Frequent communication so you’re fully supported. What should I eat on vacation? Am I doing this exercise right? I’m trying to love my body more – can you help me? I am here to answer all these questions on this growth journey.

Is this you?

  • Are you done with trying to make your own workout program? (usually resulting in you repeating workouts over & over OR you making up a random workout 2 seconds before walking into the gym)
  • Are you ready to build incredible strength? I’m talking, you’re gonna be walking into the gym & knocking out a set of pull-ups, baby!
  • Are you looking for professionally-curated programming to take you through the most effective route to your strength goals?
  • Have you plateaued in your progress & don’t know what to do to jumpstart your results again?
  • Are you doing random workouts just waiting to see “what sticks”?
  • Do you workout consistently, but are still unsatisfied with your body and/or your progress?
  • Looking for hands-on training where the coach is truly invested in your goals?
  • Are you bored of what you’ve been doing & want a serious change?




Train like A Lyon is all virtual
In-person options available in the Pittsburgh, PA area


  • Workout program tailored to your goals, experience, compensations, limitations, equipment, schedule, & preferences
  • Constant re-evaluation & progression of the program, with workouts switching up every 2-4 weeks
  • Monthly physical assessment to evaluate progress
  • Foam-rolling, stretching, and strengthening program custom-made to target muscle imbalances; progressed as needed
  • Videos demonstrating each exercise
  • Exercise form feedback
  • Workout Guide: gives you the knowledge to have effective workouts consistently


  • Tailored to your specific fitness & strength goals
  • Sustainable & flexible habits that you can maintain long-term without feeling restricted or overwhelmed
  • Assistance with meal planning & prepping, creating shopping lists, & more 
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustments as needed
  • Optional use of methods such as calorie/macro tracking, food photo logs, portion sizing, intuitive/mindful eating, & more
  • Frequent feedback on your meals & dietary habits
  • No meal plans! I teach you how to confidently make nutritional decisions for yourself
  • Nutrition Guide: gives you a ton of nutrition information to help you choose and sustain healthy dietary habits


  • Learn how to adjust your mindset to support you & your goals
  • Utilize strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, visualization, & journaling to become more present in everyday life, increase energy & confidence, & decrease stress
  • Ongoing guidance & support through struggles such as: being afraid to eat more to build muscle; stepping on the scale hoping for a lower number; not loving your body despite the progress you’ve made; focusing too much on aesthetics; feeling anxious; & so much more 
  • Get personalized meditations that are recorded just for you
  • Mindset Guide: gives you all the steps to begin and maintain mindset habits


  • Entire program accessible through mobile app
  • Track your workouts, food, progress photos, and so much more through mobile app
  • Weekly check-ins with video responses from me!
  • Fortnightly 30 minute Zoom calls to assess your progress; talk about struggles & how to overcome them; celebrate wins; evaluate workout, nutrition, & mindset plans; and, anything else you’d like to discuss!
  • Available Monday through Friday via app messenger, video message, or email for all your questions, concerns, wins, etc.



per month

3 Months

minimum commitment

6 Months

includes: 1 free in-person session for Pgh locals OR 1 free 75 minute call

12 Months

includes: 3 free in-person sessions for Pgh locals OR 3 free 75 minute calls