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from my clients…

“Working with Larissa has been hands down the best investment I have ever made in myself. She has transformed my mindset around working out and I am already seeing results. I feel STRONG and confident. She truly cares about your experience working out, and is so hands on. This program is more than I ever could have imagined.”

-Frances Mahl

“I had been following Larissa and could not believe how incredible she looked; I decided to reach out to inquire into what she was doing to have that physique! I was pleasantly surprised when she advised she was a trainer and had a program that got you results.  I started a two-week program that was very planned and prepared.  She and I discussed my goals and she customized a workout, meal and mental health plan for me to follow.  Her workouts are very detailed, and she had step by step videos to follow along to make sure you are doing the movements correctly.  She was even able to improvise when our gyms closed down.  She also checked in regularly, and she was so happy and motivating that it made me want to get up and get moving to get her program in! I am so happy with the results I saw in just a little time, my bloat is gone and I have more definition! I feel so much happier and leaner! I would highly recommend her for someone that is looking for a full and balanced approach to reaching your fitness goals!”

-Heather Heck

“I started working with Larissa for an accountability partner and to try and drop a few pounds, but after only a month of working with her the changes I am seeing in my body have already far exceeded my expectations. She has totally transformed the way I approach my health and fitness, but in a way that is enjoyable and completely sustainable. Larissa keeps me motivated, accountable, and pushes me to be the best version of myself every single day. With her guidance, I cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store for me.”

Stephanie Baltaji

“The differences I am seeing after just one month working with Larissa are UNBELIEVEABLE. I have so much more natural energy, I feel stronger, and I am learning to genuinely love the way I look. Larissa’s holistic approach to health is the lifestyle change I did not know I needed. She is such a gifted teacher, and I could not be happier with the way she is transforming me into the happy, healthy, and active person I have always aspired to be.”

-Caitlin Lyons

Larissa is an amazing fitness coach. She is intuitive and also very knowledgeable on body posture, muscle groups, etc.

I really enjoyed working with her. She helped me track macros, understand potential imbalances in my body, and push me to the right limit to do more. Her exercise and macro plan was perfect for me and I really loved her reaching mindset / intuition work with fitness.

I am still using the same workout/macro plan and have slimmed down, toned up, and overall feel so good about my body. I finally have the confidence to look in the mirror and really love the body I have.

-Urvi Shah

“I don’t have enough great things to say about Larissa and this program! Unlike other programs I have done in the past, Larissa is so focused on not only body but also mind. The mindset is what really makes this program stand apart. Not only are you getting great workouts, macros/calories set to your body, and constant check ins, but she really focuses on this as a lifestyle and making it fit for you. The change in mindset of how you can approach a “cheat day” or not being about to get a full workout in really is what makes this program unique. In only a month I saw a huge change in my body, my willingness & eagerness to workout. As someone who historically did not like working out, this was huge. I can’t recommend Larissa and her program enough!!”

-Rachel Thomas