I’m Larissa Lyons.

I’ve loved physical activity throughout my whole life, in many forms. From weightlifting and doing my mom’s spin and HIIT classes in high school to making up my own workout routines and splits throughout college; from horseback riding since I was 10 to diving into yoga as I grew older; I have always been on the move!

I had always grappled with what I wanted to do as my career, but movement was always there. As I earned my degree in biology and worked as an environmental scientist, something just wasn’t right. I continued to work hard physically, whether in the gym or on my yoga mat – this challenge within me was my grounding place, my space to put every ounce of my effort out there, just for me.

As more friends and family asked for any type of workout advice, I realized how much I really loved helping them. I loved sharing with them something that is so intrinsically a part of me. So here I am – sharing my passion for movement with you. I want to show you how to absolutely love the physical challenges of all types of fitness; how to connect to your body and your inner warrior; and how to fall in love with that amazing body of yours. It’s hard work, but that’s what makes this journey so worth it. Let’s move!

I create individualized, progressive programs that are specific to YOUR goals and your current fitness level.
All of my programs are based on three pillars:
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Your mindset is the most important player in this game. The intention behind your goals matters. I help you build loving intentions around your goals so that this isn’t just a short-term phase, but a lifestyle you actually enjoy. You’ll also learn how to be your own biggest supporter, cheering yourself on rather than tearing yourself down. Mindset will determine how far you go, how hard you push, and ultimately, how you see yourself in the mirror.

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Your nutrition is paramount in this journey to fuel your body with stuff that makes you feel amazing! I believe that the best diet for you is one that you can stick to. Restrictive diets, where you give up your favorite dessert forever, just isn’t sustainable. I teach you how to find a way to eat that works for you and your body so that you feel free, balanced, and energized.

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Your workouts are 100% made for you. I create a specific long-term plan for each person; one that actually works for you instead of you trying to fit into some generic plan. We work together to make a plan that moves you effectively towards your goals; one that also addresses your specific movement compensations and limitations so that you are optimizing your movement and decreasing chances of injury.

It's time to totally up-level your health & fitness routine.

I got you. Let's do this!